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 Staff Rules

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PostSubject: Staff Rules   Staff Rules I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 08, 2011 7:23 pm

1. Do not abuse any of your powers, regardless of what's tempted you. If you're feeling a bit angry, or tempted for fun, simply log off. If you abuse, you will be fully demoted.
2. If you choose friends over players, no matter on forums or ingame, you'll be demoted ingame. Your job is to help ALL players; do not pick favorites. This also goes for punishing players.
3. If you're caught abusing a glitch, or a bug, you'll be fully demoted.

A side note to all staff members; do not encourage players to break the rules. You're meant to be an example to all players, to show them what is needed on this server. If your ever caught breaking ANY rules, no matter which one, you will be punished accordingly. Remember, you're meant to be setting an example. Should you continue to break the rules after a full demotion, you'll be IPbanned on both forums and ingame.

You will not receive a warning before any of the pnuishments above occur. You are a staff member, and as such, have great responsibility. If you have a valid excuse for why you have done what you have done, post it in the "appeal demotion" section. Wether or not you regain staff status depends on both players and staff agreeing. The final decision will be made by a Chief of Staff, or, in the absence of one, an owner.

Rules written by: Co-Owner Sithis

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Staff Rules
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