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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 22, 2011 4:32 pm

1. No trolling. Trolling is basically making somebody rage purposely, for your own amusement or pleasure. If you're caught trolling, you'll be IPmuted.
2. No flaming an argument. If you're seen doing this, you and the other arguer will both be IPmuted.
3. Do not abuse any bugs or glitches that are found. If you find one, please report it quickly to any staff members that you see are online. If you're caught abusing/using the bug/glitch, your account will be immediately banned followed by the patching of the bug/glitch.
4. Do not intentionally be racist/sexist to any player(s) ingame, regardless of the gender or ethnicity/nationality. You're all treated as equals on this server, and if your caught being sexist/racist, you will immediately be IPmuted.
5. Do not swear/cuss excessively towards people(s), seeing as this is a server for all people of all ages; if this seen, regardless of your age, you will be punished accordingly.
6. Do not threaten the server in any way, shape, or form. Doing so results into an IPban on both ingame and the forums. We do not care if you're joking, you WILL be dealt with.
7. Do not spam players, staff members, yell, or ingame chat at all. Doing so results into an IPmute. If you continue via PM, you will be IPbanned.
8. Do not advertise your server on ours. If you do so, you will be IPbanned on both the forums, and ingame. This is our server, and you will not try to steal our players.
9. Macroing/Autoing is forbidden and illegal on our server. If you do so, you will be banned. If you continue to do so on a separate account, you will become IPbanned.
10. If you donate to our server, you will not receive a refund. Donating is giving us money to help us live and strive to be better. We're merely showing our thanks by giving you a rank, and some items. If you, somehow, lose your items, they will not be refunded seeing as you were responsible for it. Donations will go towards the hosting, but it is still our money after you donate it.

Depending on the severity of your offense, you may or may not receive a warning before the punishments stated above.

Written by: Co-owner Sithis
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Server Rules
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