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 The 4400 Season Three DVD Review

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PostSubject: The 4400 Season Three DVD Review   The 4400 Season Three DVD Review I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 17, 2012 7:32 am

The best season 4 true blood dvd on television that you are not watching (and that you never have even heard of) is USA The 4400. While as I have said in the past, I am not a science fiction guy by nature, despite the sci-fi elements of The 4400, I became quickly addicted to the show thanks to it smart storytelling, great actors, and compelling characters. In fact, one of the reasons why I initially disliked new season true blood dvd was because I thought it was a rip off of The 4400. And while the two shows are similar in concept (ordinary people have special abilities and must use them to save the world from disaster) both shows are excellent. Chances are, if you like Heroes, you will love The 4400.

Basically, in a nutshell (and please, while the description of the show may scare you off if you dislike science fiction, the show is really a character drama) 4400 people were abducted and vanished without a trace over a 60 year period from 1940-2000 (or thereabouts). Then, one day, they all returned, all in one place, without having aged a day from when they were taken, and some had special abilities (like being able to heal people, see the future, ect.) Over the last three seasons we have learned true blood seasons 1-4 dvd these people were taken by people from the future, given special abilities, and seeded back into the timeline in hopes their abilities and return would save the world from its coming future, which isn't pretty.

While that's the background for the show, the reason why the show is so great is because of the characters and storytelling, not the science fiction elements. Jacqueline McKenize (a very underrated Australian actress) and Joel Grestch play Diana Skouris and Tom Baldwin play two NTAC agents (think Homeland Security) who keep tabs on a number of the 4400, including pre-teen Maia (who can see the future and was adopted by Diana) and Shawn (Tom's nephew who can heal people with his hands and was trust into leadership of The 4400 true blood seasons box set his mentor, Jordan Collier, was "murdered", but we'll get to Collier in a moment). The true star of the show though is Billy Campbell, who plays the aforementioned Jordan Collier, evil (?) leader of The 4400. Campbell is exceptional in the part because you never really know what Collier is doing, whether it is for good, or evil, or maybe both. I'd say more, but that may give away parts of the story, which may ruin your viewing of the show for those that haven't watched it yet.

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The 4400 Season Three DVD Review
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