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 Game Update Hint

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PostSubject: Game Update Hint   Mon Jun 20, 2011 2:22 pm

When we get back up, which we will, we'll be bringing more features than ever! Including:
- Profile pages
- 645 items
- A custom quest!!! If it is not in-game when we come back up it will be soon after.
- Exclusive items for the players that join before 2.0! (untradable/undroppable)
- A set of customs that will not be named in this thread

That is being very blatant, as to not give too much away. The rest you will have to play to see, but you'll love it!

The main problem as to why we are not up at this point is because we only have 1 way to host, and it is extremely laggy.

We'll set up a donation system soon, so when it's here, donate to help us get back up!
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PostSubject: Re: Game Update Hint   Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:22 pm

troll 1 (trəʊl)
— vb
1. angling
a.to draw (a baited line, etc) through the water, often from a boat
b.to fish (a stretch of water) by trolling
c.to fish (for) by trolling

2. to roll or cause to roll

3. archaic to sing (a refrain, chorus, etc) or (of a refrain, etc) to be sung in a loud hearty voice

4. informal ( Brit ) ( intr ) to walk or stroll

5. homosexual slang ( intr ) to stroll around looking for sexual partners; cruise

6. slang ( intr ) computing to post deliberately inflammatory articles on an internet discussion board

— n

7. the act or an instance of trolling

8. angling a bait or lure used in trolling, such as a spinner

9. slang computing a person who submits deliberately inflammatory articles to an internet discussion

Our own owner... Interesting.

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Game Update Hint
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