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 The way this section works.

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PostSubject: The way this section works.   Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:54 pm

This was slightly explained in the "Staff Rules", but i will go more in depth here.

there are 3 stages to basic promotion-back-to-staff thingy. But for any of it to matter, you have to have a decent excuse.

1. Approval by players.
2. Approval by staff
3. approval by CoS/Co-Owner/Owner

stage #1 will be decided by the overall players that post in the section. it has to be at least 50%. Without valid excuse, 75%.
stage #2 will be decided by staff in a thread normal players cannot see.
stage #3 will be decided through PM, Ingame or other.

if you pass those 3, you regain staff status.
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The way this section works.
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